I love writing <3


Pain takes your breath away.

It hums in the back of your mind,

feeding you a false sense of security.

It’ll all come crashing down, run

run away.

Happiness scares you, nothing

hurts more than loss

and that’s what it’s all about.

What you’re going to lose, how much

it’s going to hurt

and you’ll be with your false sense of security again.

You create pain to feel safe

look in the mirror and

call yourself an abomination.


Drigting away or closer

Walking to or walking from

These thoughts take me away

Near, far, close, there

Thinking silently or aloud

Talking in whispers

I’m in love but I’m not proud

Of how I got here

I’m drifting away from you

But I’m closer than ever

I’m swimming

But there’s no water

These thoughts come to a conclusion

Nothing is resolved

Everything stays a mystery

And, I’m still drifting


On my planet? Well, Bali!

Something I scribbled down ages ago

Her skin was warm in the morning but by night, it grew cold.

I saw the light flash in her eyes and all the beauty in the world had withered away with hers.

I didn’t understand it. My heartbeat was strong. It was strong enough for the both of us, so why wasn’t it enough? My skin was warm enough for the both of us… but hers would stay cold forever.

So, I let her go.


I am here but I’m not really here.

I’m able to think but does that mean I exist?

I may walk but I cannot touch. I can speak but I’m rarely heard. Actually, I don’t remember the last time someone listened to me.

Here I am in this room. It has four walls and two big windows with worn out window-sills. The white paint is scraping away. The glass is old and it twistes the scenery.

The only comfort I have here apart from the ghostly light creeping in from the windows is a grand piano standing in the middle of the room.

Usually, I sit by the piano and lean on it trying to remember how playing it sounds. Sometimes, I just watch through the window. Days fly by, years and decades even but I am not old.